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Elusive spunk

So last night I had plans to have drinks with a friend. After work I changed into something sexy: a red plaid micro mini skirt with black knee-high stockings and a little black tank top. To complete the schoolgirl look I put my hair in pigtails, and with my black cat-eye glasses I was rockin’ the look, if I do say so myself.

Apparently, my husband, Steel, agreed. When he got home he took one look at me and smiled. Groping and kissing commenced, and it was clear that he was enjoying my easy-access skirt. I had to put the brakes on, though, because time was short and we are not so good at quickies (more on that later). He seemed a bit hurt that I would be leaving the house looking that good while he stayed at home, which only made it more fun to tease him. I was a very naughty schoolgirl, indeed!

I tried to appease him by promising that I wouldn’t stay out too late, and I would make it up to him when I got home. However, time got away from us and Steel was already asleep when I slipped into bed at the end of the night. It was, after all, a school night and I was tired, too.

This morning I showered and dressed and as usual he was still in bed. I sat on the bed next to him to give him a good morning kiss, and that’s when he placed my hand on his hard cock. Mmmm. I decided I should make up for my naughty teasing the night before, and I showered his cock with some proper attention.

Despite my talent and determination, however, Steel’s cock just wouldn’t give up the spunk. This has been known to happen and Steel is always very gracious and yet I’m always a little crestfallen. He assured me that it was a delightful treat and a fabulous way to start the day.

I pouted anyway and cried “But I was looking forward to a Breakfast of Champions!”

Someday I suppose I will learn to accept that Steel’s cock is just stingy with the spunk, and honestly, I can hardly complain. He’s in his 40’s so he doesn’t climax as easily as he used to. On the other hand, though, his cock is capable of marathon erections, which is a real bonus for me! We’re a somewhat unique couple, I suspect, in that I am able to orgasm easily and repeatedly, while it tends to take a lot more time and effort for him to climax. I say that we’re unique that way simply because there is so much fuss about men who come too quickly and women who have to work long and hard to reach orgasm, if at all. I’ve often suspected that this phenomenon has a lot to do with youth and inexperience, not to mention all the rampant hang-ups that both men and women have in relation to their bodies and intimacy.

In any case, I’m hoping to get another chance to play naughty school girl real soon. We’re going out together tonight - it’s our last night of freedom as my son is at his grandparents’ house for spring break - so I’m sure we’ll have all kinds of fun out of the house AND in bed;)

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Something you should know

Ruby loves music. Therefore, you will likely see posts with mp3’s embedded in them to enhance your experience here at Ruby Tells All. Because life should have a soundtrack!

Not to mention the fact that I’m married to a musician, so it’s perfectly natural for me to associate music with sex;)

I gotta warn you, though, the songs I post will only be available for a limited time and will probably not show up in archived posts. Music files take up a lot of bandwidth and we don’t want this site getting bogged down by any sort of cyber bottlenecks.

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Rape is glamorous!

There’s been a bit of a hubbub over a certain Dolce and Gabbana ad. Before I pick on the ad in question, I’d like to focus on this particular quote from Stefano Gabbano in the Newsweek interview:

Sexy and offensive are two concepts very far from each other.

What? Can he seriously believe that? Wishful thinking, mister. At least for those of us who reside in the USA, sexy and offensive go together like beans and cornbread(see audio below!). So I find it more than a little absurd that he could make such a naive statement, given that it’s his job to walk that fine line between sexy and offensive. Because we all know nothing sells a product like sex and controversy.

Anyway, as far as this ad is concerned, I agree that it certainly does glamourize violence against women. But you know, that’s nothing new. I’m more than a little cynical when it comes to the fashion industry anyway. It’s all so blatantly misogynist that I’ve come to expect this sort of thing. I find the whole industry to be elitist, materialistic, superficial, wasteful, and arrogant. Which is why I choose to eschew the trappings of fashion. I’m all about thrift stores and vintage clothing boutiques. I can rock second-hand clothes like no other, baby! Ruby’s got better things to do with her money and her body.

Now listen to Beans and Cornbread by Louis Jordan. Because it’s fun! Yeah!

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Meet Ruby

I like to talk about sex. I think about sex a lot. I enjoy sex a lot! I’d like to share my thoughts on sex, and hear your thoughts, too. Let’s get to know one another, shall we?

I’m a happily married hetero mom and stepmom. Once upon a time, before I was married with children, I was an idealist radical paradigm dismantler and aspiring novelist. Now I’m a somewhat cynical radical pragmatist and blogging whore. I’m proudly paradoxical in all sorts of ways. I think Jesus was the shit but am leery of Christians. I’m a feminist and a cock-happy slut. I’m a lucky wife and mother as well as a big proponent of being single and/or childless. I like dogs and cats. And I also happen to be smart and sexy, which isn’t the least bit ironic.

I’m a big proponent of the female orgasm, and it is my mission to make sure that women are having more of them. While I realize that sex can be fun and passionate without any orgasms, I happen to like orgasms quite a bit and have them easily. I don’t think I have a special talent, I think most, if not all, women are capable of being multi-orgasmic. And I think the best way to make that happen is for a woman to take control of her own orgasms, rather than rely on her lover to always make it happen for her. And yet, any man worth his salt in bed will focus his energy on pleasing his woman. When everyone is focused on her orgasm, everybody wins!

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do have a lot to say about sex and I don’t mind sharing. I also appreciate new perspectives and ideas, and I hope to see some lively discussions on this site.

So what more do you want to know? Come on, I know there’s something you’re dying to ask me. Go ahead, ask me anything! I’m not shy;)

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