About Ruby

Ruby is an aspiring sex writer who is not above peddling her wares as a blogging whore. She has been known to engage in shameless self-promotion and link-swapping. Regardless of what you may have heard, however, she does have standards. And they’re pretty high, too.

When she’s not probing the mysteries of life and love, Ruby likes to take pictures, collect vintage cameras, ride her vintage bicycle, and avoid driving her car at all costs. She also likes to masturbate and have hot sex with her delicious husband. She is a firm believer in having lots of orgasms. In fact, she would like to see everyone have more orgasms, even Republicans!

Someday, Ruby would like to write a book, maybe even a novel. But for now she contents herself with blogging, advising others, and spreading her love all over the Internet.

For more details, please see 100 Things About Ruby.

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