One for the wankers

Earlier this month while doing some masturbation research, I found this page on Wikipedia: List of songs about Masturbation. I wasted no time in tracking down some of these songs to feature on this site. It was a bit of an education, too. I never knew that She Bop was about masturbation, and I’m pretty sure my parents […]

Dating and blogging: a delicate mix

Rebecca Traister recently wrote an article in Nerve about how blogging ruined her dating life. The premise of her essay is that people are revealing too much of themselves in their websites and then sharing them too soon, and as a result the thrill of discovering the mysteries of a new beau has been undermined by information overload. I […]

Musical Interlude

I’d like to introduce you to my new favorite music source: finetune. I use the term favorite loosely, since it is the onlyonline music source I’ve actually used. I had been mining various mp3 blogs in hopes of accessing new and obscure musical talent, but it turned out to be very hit or miss. My favorite feature […]

Birthday Report

My very first strip club experience provided more food for thought than it did titillation, which is quite alright with me. It was a Tuesday night so there were hardly any patrons in attendance. The hostess seated us at a booth and we ordered bottled water (they don’t serve alcohol) and settled in to watch […]

TMI Tuesday #92

I love TMI! What’s the sexiest type of underwear? For men, I’m partial to boxers or boxer briefs. For women, I like the string bikini style, which is also what I like to wear most. Would you/have you ever paid money for sex? No I haven’t and no I wouldn’t. Not because there’s anything wrong with paying […]

Happy Birthday to Me:)

Yep, I’m 34 years old today. Unlike a surprising number of my peers, I’m not at all concerned about aging. I think that may well be because I lived hard and fast in my 20’s so I don’t have to wonder about what sort of adventures I could have had. I did have them and it was […]

TMI #90

I’ve been away on a family trip for the last 3 days so I’ve got some catching up to do. I need to finish up some posts of substance, so in the meanwhile I’ll leave you with my contribution to TMI Tuesday. Enjoy! Describe your first kiss. I was in eighth grade at a school dance. […]

Coming into my own: How I learned to masturbate

I lost my virginity at age 17, but it was another 3 years before I went spelunking. During those 3 years I slept with several boyfriends, but I was lucky if I had even a fledgling little orgasm. I never felt compelled to solve my own mysteries until I found myself in a prolonged dry spell. […]