Birthday Sex!

How could I forget? My birthday wasn’t all about strippers and sex shops, it also involved some great sex! Unfortunately, we didn’t find the toy I was looking for at the sex shop, so no new toy reviews to share with you. And while being groped by a naked dancer really didn’t make me horny, either, I was still plenty eager to get home and get naked with my virile husband.

And get naked we did! I won’t give you a play by play because our sex life really isn’t very theatrical, it’s just good old-fashioned raw and dirty fucking and I loved every second of it. I wasn’t sure how well my pussy would perform because we had some impromptu and vigorous sex the night before, despite Steel’s initial insistence that we should abstain so I’d be up for a serious pussy workout on my birthday. But then he offered to just lick my pussy because that really isn’t very demanding on my tender cunt. I couldn’t really argue with that, but I knew right then that I was going to get fully and properly fucked unless Steel was prepared to put on the brakes. Once I start cumming there’s no way I can turn down his cock. And once I start cumming he can’t resist my pussy, so that was that. We’re really not very good at delayed gratification!

Fortunately my pussy was eager for more on the big night and I’m pretty sure I broke another orgasm record. Today I am so tender that I had to wear a skirt to work because I just can’t have any fabric rubbing on my swollen labia. I’m sure that tonight we’ll have to settle for some quiet movie-watching while my yoni recovers, but she’ll back in top form in no time, don’t worry;)

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