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Third place!!

The results are in and my masturbation haiku entry has been awarded Third Place! I’m quite tickled:) That bottle of Liquid Silk will not go to waste, oh no! And if you’ve seen the other entries in the top ten, then you know how honored I am to receive this award. Congratulations to everyone!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the dildos in my life. I couldn’t have achieved this without you. Many a lonely night you have soothed my aching pussy and yet you never ask for anything in return. Your selfless service will go unacknowledged no more. Dildos! I love you!

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Masturbation Haiku

Via Lusty Lady, I found this fun Masturbation Haiku contest going on over at Early to Bed. I love haiku and masturbation, so this is one contest I couldn’t pass up. Here’s my entry:

Glistening like a
ridiculous pink trophy,
my dildo triumphs.

Go on over there and enter yours!

May is Masturbation Month, so stay tuned for more posts about self-love.

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