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Boobs are gross??

I’m pretty hormonal right now so it doesn’t take much to annoy me, but the internet is all abuzz with the shocking revelation that Maggie Gyllenhaal nursed her baby in public and had the audacity to leave her boob exposed to the poor, unsuspecting public. Reading the comments at this site (which I really need to stop visiting!) just pissed me off. I couldn’t be bothered to read all 365, but here’s a sampling:

Ewww…not good. She could have covered up a bit with a blanket. I know it’s a natural act but that is pretty tacky. Her tit hanging all over the place is not natural. She should be more conscientious of not offending the general public by being more subtle.

Cramming tits into a push-up bra with just the cleavage showing, that is SO much more natural.

Actually there is something wrong with it. I shouldn’t have to see some woman’s exposed tit while I’m eating lunch, shopping or anything else.

I want to find this person and tit stalk them in order to desensitize them. Somebody needs to do it!

Discusting! I’ve seen women do that before but at least they had the decency to cover their breasts. What a freakin peasant! Yes breastfeeding is natural but so is urinating and defecating, does this mean we’ll catch people doing that in public too? This is what I call no self-respect.

Yes, nursing and taking a shit are clearly in the same category of sanitation and offensiveness. Grown-ups feed in public all the time. I guess they don’t have much self-respect.

OMG!!! I’M SORRY BUT THAT IS SO DISRESPECTFUL!! I don’t care if you have nice tits but please put them away. There is a time and place for that!!! GROSS!!!

This person thinks tits are really gross but exclamation points are fucking awesome. I think this may be an indication of mental illness.

I love tits!!!!!!!!!!

And of course, some people are just thrilled to get the chance to ogle some titties. Woohoooo!

After being subjected to these painful displays of ignorance, I read this and fell in love a little:

Guys are so weird. They love to suck on your nipples, although usually just for a few minutes, and only as an impossibly lame and clumsy substitute for competent foreplay. But then they completely freak out when they see a baby at the nipple, which is what it’s designed for. I guess it’s true - in this country boys undergo forced separation from mommy, so they won’t be called sissy little mama’s boys, and then they spend the rest of their lives trying to get mommy back all to themselves. Explains a lot, including why being a lesbian saves a girl from having to tolerate endless juvenile nonsense.

Thank you, random commenter, for restoring my faith in humanity. And thank you, Maggie Gyllenhaal for having the courage to breastfeed your baby in public without any shame whatsoever. I applaud you.

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Crotchless Pantaloons

No, that’s not a spelling error. They really sell these things!

Just goes to show that fundies are perverts, too.

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Lesson to be learned from Jenna Jameson

No, it’s not how to make love like porn star. But why vaginoplasty is very bad idea. Poor Jenna. I’m afraid she may have been suckered by this wretched site.

Don’t listen to the latest hype, ladies. There’s a better way to keep your vagina strong and healthy: Kegels!

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