Last Night

You foreshadowed our hedonistic exploits early in the evening by preparing a delectable dinner of spinach salad with dried cranberries and walnuts, then strawberry shortcake for dessert. You offered to make me a strawberry daiquiri, too, but I declined because I know that alcohol makes me sleepy, not horny. It was still early and I wanted to be ready for my Candyman.

(Get this album here, you’ll be glad you did.)

I put the little one to bed and finished my night time routine. I was eager to join you, naked in our bed. Before I slithered in beside you I made sure to fetch some chocolate from our stash beside the bed. It’s no accident that the chocolate is hidden in the same place as our sex toys.

Chocolate always leads to kissing, and while we kissed my hand found your cock. I discovered that you were already rock hard and I felt my cunt tighten in anticipation.

Normally I like to lick and suck your cock before I climb aboard, but last night was different. Last night I couldn’t wait to fill my pussy and ride you to ecstasy, and I did. I know you love to watch me rock and buck on your cock while you play with my ass, but last night you did something new. Last night you slapped my ass, hard, while I was grinding myself into a cock-fueled bliss, and I liked it. I screamed my approval and you slapped me again, harder. I screamed louder. Yes Daddy! And I kept cumming.

I might have ridden your cock some more. I might have leaned back so I could finger my clit while I straddled you, but last night you had other ideas. Last night you knew what you wanted and you didn’t hesitate to show me. You flipped me over onto my back and proceeded to give me a good, hard dicking. I love it when you toss me around and throw me down on the mattress because you just can’t wait another second to get what you want. Your need is urgent and intense and forceful. I like it when you need it bad, Daddy. I want to give it to you. I want to show you what a good slut I can be.

You fucked me just the way I like to be fucked and I came bigger and better than ever. Every night we reach new heights of orgasmic intensity, but last night was extra good, Daddy. Last night my pussy was so worked up that pretty soon I didn’t need my little bullet vibe. I just needed your cock and my whole body answered to the sensations in my pussy. I came like a fucking champion while you growled your approval. And then I did it again. No matter how much I came, I kept wanting more, and you were always eager to give it to me.

Most of the time I have to focus intently on your pleasure to make you cum. Your spunk can be stubborn at times, Daddy, but I know how to coax it out of you and I delight in the effort. But not last night. Last night you just couldn’t help yourself. Last night you and your cock got a bit carried away while my knees were up around my shoulders and my hands were gripping your ass, and then I heard that triumphant growl that I know and love so well and I answered in kind. We almost never get to cum together but last night we did. Last night was fucking glorious.

I hope we can do it again tonight.

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