One for the wankers

Earlier this month while doing some masturbation research, I found this page on Wikipedia: List of songs about Masturbation. I wasted no time in tracking down some of these songs to feature on this site. It was a bit of an education, too. I never knew that She Bop was about masturbation, and I’m pretty sure my parents never realized that either. Same goes for Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger. I think that one might be an example of a song that isn’t so much about masturbation, but makes a vague reference to it in one line somewhere. There are a few of those on the list. Although I noticed that the list had been culled somewhat since my first visit.  Suzy Seacell’s Me and My Vibrator was noticeably absent.

Here’s an especially fun little number from a bloke across the pond called Ivor Biggun – make sure to pronounce his name with a British accent, it’s much better that way;) And remember, masturbation is God’s great gift to us!

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