The Kink Spectrum

I’ve been reading sex blogs long enough to know that I rank pretty low on the kink spectrum. I’m pretty comfortable with my vanilla (or sarsaparilla, if you prefer;) status, since I’m having rather spectacular sex. I’d also like to note that it’s not necessarily a static condition.

In just the last 5 years or so I’ve reached a more advanced level of vanilla. There was a time when I thought casual NSA sex and multiple orgasms were the height of my personal sexual daredevilry, for that was certainly as far as I ever wished to go. But as I grow older and (hopefully) wiser I seem to be getting kinkier, too.

I have to give Steel credit for much of my kink progression, for he’s the first man I’ve trusted enough to share and explore my kinks with. It all started when I ditched my inhibitions and began masturbating during sex. Now I’m an avid clitty slut and there’s no turning back. We’ve also dabbled in some light bondage. I can’t say that was a big turn on for me but it’s the sort of thing that can be fun when the mood strikes me. Steel’s also the first man to talk dirty to me and that definitely got my attention. He has the perfect voice for it and he knows how to use it. In turn, I’ve become quite the eager trash-talker myself and it’s clear that he enjoys my talents.

The next kink I’d like to explore is my exhibitionism. It’s a fantasy that I haven’t acted on yet, but it’s only a matter of time. I haven’t worked out the details either, but I’m sure Steel will be happy to help me negotiate my boundaries;)

I’m also a bit of a voyeur, too, which should complement my inner exhibitionist nicely, I think. So I’ve been planning to check out a local swingers club or party sometime soon. After next week my son will be spending a few weeks with his grandparents so Steel and I will have lots of freedom to indulge our naughty tendencies. I think it might be fun to test the waters at a swingers party and see what comes of it.

One thing is definite, I’m not going to do anything unless I really feel inspired to do so in the moment. It’s entirely possible that I’ll show up at an event with Steel and for whatever reason I won’t have any desire to remove a single article of clothing, let alone perform any orgasmic acrobatics. I’m very picky and I’m a big believer in chemistry, which is a vague and elusive but crucial element to my sexuality. I can’t perform in any way just to please someone else’s expectations. I have to be “feeling it” in the moment or it just won’t happen.

Of course, whether or not I’m sufficiently aroused to fuck for an audience, I’m confident that watching other people go at it will, at the very least, stir my pussy’s appetite for cock. No matter what happens Steel is sure to reap some benefits.

And once you release that genie from the kink bottle, you can never be too sure what will happen next as inhibitions and taboos are kicked aside. Maybe Steel will fuck me in a room full of people and I’ll be so hot and horny that I’ll be begging for more cock. With a room full of zealous volunteers, who knows what could happen?

I think this is why the unleashing of our personal kinks can be a bit scary. It seems that the more we explore our boundaries, the further we expand them and the only question is, where do we stop? When is it enough? Is there any such thing as “enough”?

For now, I’m relatively vanilla on the wide kink spectrum, but I’m looking forward to exploring new adventures. We all have to start somewhere and there’s no telling where we’ll end up. Perhaps exhibitionism is like a gateway drug and before long I’ll be hooked on the hard stuff;)

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